Dentist check-ups in Isle of Man

Available at all of our practices.

    Dentist check-ups in Isle of Man

    Available at all of our practices.

    What does a check-up include?

    1. Oral Care Professionals

    Two oral health care professionals - your dentist and the dental hygienist - will likely see you. Your dentist will conduct an initial oral exam of your mouth (for signs of oral cancer or other diseases), gums, and teeth; ask about changes in your overall health or medicine use; review the cleaning done by the hygienist; diagnose any oral health problems; and make treatment recommendations. The hygienist will also conduct an oral exam of your gums and teeth, document any changes in your overall health and medicine use, clean and polish your teeth, talk to you about caring for your teeth and gums, and answer any questions you might have about home care products. 

    2. Cleaning

    Although home-based tooth brushing and flossing help remove plaque, only a professional cleaning - provided by your dentist or dental hygienist - can thoroughly clean your teeth and remove the hardened plaque (called calculus or tartar) that builds up on teeth. Most hygienists use a series of metal hand instruments to clean your teeth. Some are using ultrasonic scalers, which provide deep cleaning above and below the gum line.

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      3. Polishing 

      After your teeth have been cleaned, they are polished to remove plaque and stains on the tooth surface. The polish contains an abrasive substance and fluoride, and is applied using a small rotating rubber cup or brush attached to the dental hand piece. 

      4. Prevention

      Your hygienist might offer additional instructions for you to follow at home, based on the results of your exam. Don’t hesitate to ask your hygienist for instructions about brushing or flossing, or general care questions about your teeth and gums. 

      5. X-rays

      X-rays might or might not be taken during your check up. Your dentist will consider your clinical examination, dental history, and risk for developing cavities in determining the frequency for X-rays.

      Treatment Recommendations

      If any oral health problems are identified during your examination, your dentist will make recommendations for the best next steps. These might include referral to another oral health care specialist, additional diagnostic tests, or advice to return for restoration work or additional oral health care.

        What are the benefits of regular check-ups?

        The health of your teeth is invaluable, and prevention is better than treatment further down the line. Regular check-ups give your dentist the opportunity to halt any signs of gum disease or tooth decay and work with you to keep your smile fresh and bright, now and in the future. Routinely examining your smile can identify problems early.

        Check-ups help to

        • Prevent gum disease and mouth cancer
        • Maintain good oral health
        • Prevent halitosis (bad breath)
        • Retain your teeth
        • Keep a whiter, brighter smile

        How often should I have a check-up?

        Your Isle of Man dentist will advise on how often you should have your teeth checked as part of your oral care routine. This will depend on your individual needs. Some people schedule a dental check-up once or twice a year, while others, who may require or have undergone treatment, will need to visit more frequently. You and your local dentist will discuss the most suitable frequency for general check ups and work out a date and time that suits you.

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