Dental hygienist in Isle of Man

Available at our Private practice on Ridgeway Street Douglas

    Dental hygienist in Isle of Man

    Available at our Private practice on Ridgeway Street Douglas

    Hygienist In Isle Of Man

    Hygiene services

    We provide top-class hygiene services to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. Our resident hygienists provide advice on teeth care, perform high-level cleaning services and help to spot signs of problems such as plaque build-up and gum disease before they become serious issues. The hygienist will explain very clearly to children how best to clean their teeth. Orthodontic patients must ensure they have regular hygiene visits to care for their teeth and gums whilst they have braces.

    Even if a person is not a Regent Dental Care patient, they can make an appointment with our hygienists. We offer Air-Flow which is the latest in hygiene technology. This polishing technique uses high pressure air and water and a specially-formulated powder which can help restore teeth to their natural colour by removing external stains such as those caused by coffee, tea, red wine and daily living. If you want a change in the whiteness of your smile then our dentists also offer teeth whitening.

      Dental therapy

      All our dental hygienists are dual qualified, they not only offer hygiene services but dental therapy to our patients. 

      Dental Therapists diagnose dental decay and gum disease in children and adults. They are also involved in oral health education with children, parents and the community. They perform routine dental treatment, including examination, cleaning, scaling and filling cavities. They can also take x-rays and take impressions for mouth guards. All work under the supervision of a dentist. More complex dental problems are referred to the dentist.

        Dental Therapy Isle Of Man

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            Get started with our Dental Hygienists

            Our hygienists will provide you with friendly dental appointments for all the family. Putting oral health education and preventative techniques at the forefront of our dental treatment plans. They will also reduce patient waiting times for patients who require routine dental work.

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